Frostbite Grapple

by Windy Ridge

Grapple1 Grapple2

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* 5 Year Warranty

* Weighs less than 360 pounds

* Opens up to 42 inches

* Bronze bushings at every Pivot Point

* Every Pivot Point is Grease-able

* 3 Different mounts to choose from, Universal, Global and John Deere 400 / 500 series. Your choice of 1 set of mounts included in the price.

* Rugged steel design, made to last

* Made in Europe

Technical Specs

Width of Grapple 29"
Height of Grapple 30"
Depth of Grapple 30"
Max. Opening of Grapple 42"
Weight of Grapple 359Lbs

All Spec values are approximate



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